Joshua Konz

School Social Worker

Hello! I am going into my 9th year as a School Social Worker, and this will be my first with DPS. I’ve recently moved from Milwaukee, WI which is where I have my previous school experience. So yes, I am absolutely a fan of the Green Bay Packers!
I am an educator who loves working with students, their families, teachers, and school staff in an effort to support students and help them to succeed. I enjoy working in classrooms, with small groups of students, and with them individually as needed. I also like supporting school-wide initiatives in an effort to support the whole child and help build community within the school. My goal is to be a visible leader in the building who works very hard to support students in any way I can while being a valuable resource to families as well as staff. I hope you find my creativity and willingness to support families in any way I can is a valuable and welcomed addition to the Smith community.