Important Reminders

Posted 03/18/2016

Hello Smith Jaguar Parents,


Let us begin by saying what an honor it has been to teach your 4th or/and 5th grade scholar. Our students have made tremendous growth since the beginning of the school year, last August. As we begin to wind down our school year, we would like to thank you for being an active part of your child’s educational process. We are certain that without your help, it would’ve been impossible to make such great strides.

As we enter our last grading trimester, we would like to remind you of a few expectations that all 4th/5th grade teachers have had in place since August 2015. We are pleased to celebrate student birthdays by awarding s/he a birthday medal and a coupon for a free dinner at The Country Buffet in Denver. This is our way of recognizing your scholar, during the day and giving your family an opportunity to enjoy a family meal that is complimentary for your student. Please keep in mind cupcakes, and other birthday celebration treats are not allowed during the school day. Instead we would like to welcome you to bring your child’s birthday treats to The Peace Tree at 3:30. Also, please keep all candy and chips at home. Each afternoon, students receive a healthy snack from our Smith Cafeteria; therefore bringing a snack from home is not necessary.

Finally, we ask for your support at home in encouraging your scholar to have positive and respectful behavior at school. Respectful behavior is extremely important for everyone’s success. Thank you for your time and collaboration. It truly takes a village to educate and raise an academically sound and focused student. Thank you for your continued support.



The 4th and 5th Grade Team


Kimberly Darrington                        Holli Coburn

Matty Paul                                         Carrie Richardson