Ursula Ortiz

ECE 4 year old ELA-S Teacher


My name is Ursula Ortiz and I am the proud mother of two children: a twelve year-old boy and a eleven year-old girl. My husband and I have been married for 20 years and we share our home with 1 loving cat. I feel lucky for having my parents, siblings and favorite cousin living in Colorado.
I have been teaching Early Childhood Education for more than 19 years. My goals are to teach my students the real concept of "family," make them independent and ready for Kindergarten. I believe ECE is the beginning of the young minds' journey on the educational path of life. I am happy to be part of my students’ academic and social development. I enjoy teaching four year-old children, making learning fun for them and I strongly believe that parent involvement is fundamental. I hope that you as a parent can be part of this adventure.